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Bringing the next generation of Internet access to Michigan cities.

Fiber Optic Internet. Available Now.

LightSpeed is building a brand new fiber optic network in select Michigan cities, with the mission of connecting homes to the Internet at 1 Gig speeds for an affordable price.


(10 Gig = 10,000 Megabits, around 500X faster than cable and phone company broadband.)


Do you want to be among the first in your city to experience true Gigabit Internet? Register below. We are committed to deploying our service to neighborhoods in priority of interest. Register today.

Planned Cities




Announcements planned for later in 2014

Announcements planned for later in 2014


in select pilot areas now. Register your address below to participate or to be informed when service is available to your address.


Widespread construction is underway. Progress available at our Facebook site.



LightSpeed Communications, LLC

4942 Dawn Avenue

East Lansing, MI 48823

517-492-9000   or   844-2GO-FAST


LightSpeed is dedicated to revolutionizing how you connect and use the Internet. The company is constructing a brand new fiber optic Internet network designed to disrupt the ISP business.


Why should I register my address?

 Lightspeed is busy constructing a brand new fiber optic network. That means we need to run new fiber cable to nearly every street to reach every address. We ask anyone interested in signing up for our service to register their address with our website so we know how best to prioritize our construction crews. We intend to build in the areas showing the most interest first.


Do you have bandwidth caps?

No. We have no intention of limiting the amount of data you can download. Quite simply, fiber has so much capacity we don’t see any reason for bandwidth caps. Cable and wireless providers sometimes struggle with capacity. We've all felt it. As more customers connect, connections can slow down. That is not true with fiber.  Even worse, they may discourage you from using Netflix and streaming video in general as if they fear you'll drop Cable TV altogether. (Truth is you may not need cable TV if you have fiber Internet.) With Lightspeed, bandwidth is not treated like a scarce resource.


Lightpeed is different. Stream all you want. Download all you want.  We encourage it!



Do you require long-term contracts?

No. You can buy service on a month-by-month term if you wish. Long-term contracts are available if you want to lock in promotional pricing and defer installation fees, but we do not use contracts to hold you hostage. Our strategy is to earn your loyalty by offering a product far superior to our competitors.



Do you offer guaranteed service levels?

Yes. Lightspeed is guaranteed to operate 24 x 7 x 365 non-stop with 100% availability. If you ever experience a service outage, you are entitled to service credits.



How else does Lightspeed differ from cable or phone company Internet?

First off, we're about 100 times faster.  Frankly, it's not even a comparison.  Cable modem & DSL service providers rely on ancient copper wiring. Lightspeed is building a brand new state-of-the-art fiber optic network designed to connect you directly to the Internet backbone at Gigabit speeds. This is called fiber-to-the-home and we're excited to bring it to you. You will love it!



Why Michigan?

We love Michigan.  And we love the Internet.  We want to do our part to make living and working in Michigan the best it can be. We were watching with envy as Google rolls out its 1 Gig Internet connections elsewhere until we decided to take the matter into our own hands and bring it to Michigan ourselves.


What is Gigabit?
1 Gigabit (Gig) is about 1,000 Megabits. Put another way, Gig is mind-blowing speed. By contrast, a typical Cable or DSL service is around 10 Megabits (Megs) which is about 100 times slower than LigthSpeed 1 Gig. What's more, Cable and DSL connections often over-subscribe and share bandwidth among neighborhoods or large service areas. This means the speed slows down during busy times when more people connect. Not true with Lightspeed - every connected building receives a minimum dedicated 1 Gig fiber strand. Larger buildings area connected using 10 Gigabit. We designed the network from the ground-up to deliver dedicated bandwidth and long-term designs for 10, 100 Gig and beyond. Bottom line, we will not run out of bits when you need us the most!


When service be installed?

We are prioritizing installation to buildings/neighborhoods based on the level of interest received through our website. If you are interested, please register your address at www.golightpseed.com If your building is already connected, service is usually available within a few days.


What is the status of your construction progress?

We are posting regular updates to our Facebook page, including maps of pilot areas. Like us at www.facebook.com/golightspeed.



What technology do you use?

Gigabit Ethernet. No voodoo, just plug in your router and go. No modem or phone line required.

Lightpseed is a Michigan based company delivering 1 Gig Internet connections to home users.



Is Lightspeed a new company?

Yes, but we've been doing this for a long time. Lightspeed was formed by some of the founders and employees of Arialink upon its sale to Zayo Group in May of 2012.  Arialink was the largest fiber optic service provider for businesses and government users in Mid-Michigan. Lightspeed is acquiring most of the former Arialink subscribers and all of the assets of Arialink Connected Communities. Lightspeed's founders built Michigan's largest independent Metro Ethernet network, with over 900 miles of fiber deployed in Ann Arbor, Lansing and parts of West Michigan. We plan to leverage this expertise and reach to revolutionize home Internet service.


Is all fiber created equal?

No. There are 2 major issues to consider. First is whether companies connect your home directly to fiber or are they simply using fiber elsewhere in their backbone. Lightspeed brings the fiber directly to your home, for the fastest, most dependable and "future proof" network connection available.


The second issue is whether the connection is a “passive” or “active” fiber. Passive networking is popular when providers are limited with the amount of fiber in their network. In passive networks, up to 128 homes share a single fiber.  For this reason, it is a low cost interim technology used to help convert older networks into fiber-to-the-home. It is a good first step, but this sharing makes for a slower and less secure connection versus active.  Because Lightspeed is building a brand new network, we are not subject to the limitations of passive connections. Our connections utilize active fibers running at dedicated 1 or 10 Gig speeds to each and every customer.



Is Lightspeed a Michigan based company?

Yes. Lightspeed was formed in  2014 by a group of Michigan based entrepreneurs. Our co-founders are  telecom industry executives who have set out to revolutionize the way we use the Internet.



I live in an apartment building served by Arialink or Spectrum Broadband, does that mean I have Gig service now?

Maybe.  Spectrum provides 20 Meg DSL and 100 Meg Ethernet services to several apartment communities previously served by Arialink in Mid Michigan. All of these buildings are planned for upgrade to Gig services but not all are allowing us access. We are trying to receive approvals from your building owner to upgrade to Gigabit service. If you want to make a difference, contact your property manager or building owner and tell them you want Lightspeed!  As we receive the necessary approvals, we are communicating to all existing customers and properties to inform them as Gig becomes available.



I'm a prior Arialink or Spectrum customer using DSL or Ethernet service. Am I required to upgrade to Gig or is it optional?

At this time, Gig service is offered at the same price as DSL and is required. If you are contacted to complete the upgrade, the only change will be your speed.



How much does it cost?

For a limited time pricing in pilot areas is only $49 per month.  Long term pricing has not yet been set, but expected to be competitive with all current service providers.



Do you offer Cable TV service?

No. But we do offer Dish Network packages in certain multi-family apartment buildings. Dish Network offers excellent all-digital programming at the lowest price on the market. Paired with Lightspeed, you can enjoy unlimited programming from broadband sources as well as Internet streaming sources such as Amazon Prime, Netflix and many others.




Where can I find details about Muskegon Wireless service?

All wireless Internet service in West Michigan is now managed by Stratos Networks, LLC. For more information visit www.stratospeed.com

















Ligthspeed is currently looking for world-class, energetic, competitive, strategic thinking, entrepreneurial, creative, hard-working individuals looking to help forge a world class telecommunications company with ambitions of changing the world.   Sound like you?  Tell us you're interested via email to: jobs@golightspeed.com




Want to be among the first to experience Gigabit Internet? Register your address below and we will confirm coverage and send you pricing via email. Service not yet available?  Register below, we prioritize deployment to areas showing the most interest. We intend to build the areas showing the most interest first.

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